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When MGS fans feel like being retarted

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This is a community for all sorts of MGS related crap: Icons, quizzes, spoofs, fanfics, fanart, general retardation.

Seeing as that Hideo Kojima is most likely on crack, there are many things in the game that can be made fun of. Snake's box obsession? I think thats the top one, but I think you can fuck up every serious point made there.

Of course, if you want to post serious things, like questions, non-humour fanfics, observations, and other serious what have yous, feel free to do so.

Oh shit. Rules. Only two:
1. Spoilers and big files/things that take up a lot of spance must be under a cut.
2.Posts must have some sort of relevance to the Metal Gear series (Any metal gear or metal gear solid game).

Say whatever the hell you want, but keep in mind that I have the right to delete your posts/ban you. If you piss people off, thats your own doing.

Pimp out the community:

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